Protect Valuables while Traveling

Keep the items in your hotel safe, and protect your valuables while traveling. No matter if your on vacation or on a business trip, you are going to have some valuables with you. These valuables can range from personal items and electronics to passports and business documents. Traveling can be hard enough. When you consider […]

10 Hotel Deals Near Frankfurt Station

Now is the time to find a great deal on a hotel in Frankfurt near the main station. If you are traveling on business, visiting Frankfurt with your family or even backpacking through Europe. We have you covered. All hotels are located just minutes from Frankfurt Station and offer easy access to many of the […]

Where is the Train Station? How to ask for the Train Station

Experiencing a new country can be a bit overwhelming; their language, customs, and transportation. Especially when you need to know where is the train station? Well, rest at ease knowing that finding a train station in Canada, Europe, the US and Asia is easy and is nothing to worry about. Train Stations are traditionally centrally […]

Acela Express: Shreder 9100 at en.wikipedia

165mph High-Speed Train Test – Amtrak’s Acela Express

Acela Express trains are Amtrak’s version of the high-speed train. It currently operates in what is called the Northeast Corridor (NEC) of the United States. The area covers one of the most commuter congested areas between New York City, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia and Boston. The trains top speed has been rated at 150 miles […]

New Trains at Victoria Station Improves Lines

  If you have traveled on the Victoria line, in the past year or so, then you have noticed that London continues to grow, along with the number of Victoria line passengers. Due to increased traffic from events such as the Summer Games and an increase in London foot traffic. There has been a massive […]

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