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Paris Gare de Lyon Train Station Hotel Depot - Train Tickets and Schedules for
Gare de Lyon Paris

Interested in traveling throughout Europe by train or maybe you would just like to visit one or two countries and plan on using the train as your primary source of transportation. If you are planning on spending the majority of your time in one country, such as Italy, and will only be traveling short distances. Then purchasing tickets in country or through the local rail provider may be your best bet. If you plan on traveling more frequently and will be traveling farther distances or through more than one country, a Rail Pass may be the more economical choice. For European citizens there is the InterRail Pass and for essentially everyone else there is the EuroRail Pass.These passes provide travel on trains run by the national train operator for each country that the pass covers.
          *Rail passes do not cover the underground, buses, trams nor the Eurostar high speed train.

The InterRail Passes are for European citizens only. To include UK, Republic of Ireland, France, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey.

*Please note that the InterRail Pass is not valid in the passholder's country of residence.

The Eurail Passes are for anyone living outside of Europe (USA, Canada, Australia, India etc)

InterRail passes and EuroRail passes provide flexibility and will save you money over purchasing a ticket at the train station the day of your travel. InterRail passes and EuroRail passes do not save you as much money as booking a budget train ticket in advance. With that said, advanced purchased budget train tickets do not allow refunds, flexiblility in your plans or changes in schedules. If you are unsure of your travel intinerary, plan on visiting several European countries and want the freedom to travel Europe on your own schedule, then an InterRail pass or a EuroRail pass is a good deal and will save you money.


For UK residents only:
find and purchase tickets for European rail travel.

For those living ouside Europe:
find and purchase tickets for European rail travel.

Want to know where you can use your InterRail Pass and find train times throughout Europe.
On the
German Railways site, input your information and the trains listed can all be used with the InterRail pass.

Planning on keeping your travels within the UK and Ireland. A BritRail Pass + Ireland may be a more economical choice than purchasing point to point tickets.


Train Travel - The Benefits

There is something exciting to be said about traveling by train. The scenery from trains is absolutely spectacular and in many instances you are traveling through terrain that is only accessible by train. The romantic images that existed in the past still exist today. So, snuggle up to the window and enjoy the living lens to the world and begin your great railway adventure today.

Benefits of traveling by Train (Rail)

Frequent Departures

A great feature of traveling by train is arriving only 15 minutes prior to departure. Once at your end destination simply get out and take a short stroll or taxi to your accommodation.


Rail passes are also good value for money as prices remain the same all year round. Rail passes allows you to know exactly where you stand financially before heading off on your adventure.

City Centre to City Centre

Most railway stations are in the centre of the city, saving you money and allowing you more time for exploring.

Flexible and Frequent Schedules

Europe has over 250,000 kilometers of train tracks at your finger tips, and tickets are available for immediate departure. Coupled with the frequency of departures (The Eurostar departs 16 times a day) you can always find a service that suits your needs.

Easy Check-in

Train travel allows for more convenience when it comes to baggage and the amount of baggage.

Meet the Locals

Trains are a wonderful way to meet new people (including fellow travelers), and learn about their country and culture.


There is no more relaxing method of travel than by train. On a train you can read a book, sleep, converse with the locals, walk freely between carriages or have a drink in the bar.

With many trains traveling at speeds up to 300 km/h between cities quickly and efficiently, you will always have more time to spend doing what you want to do.

Simply put, traveling by train simply buys you more time!

The purchasing of train tickets can be fun and exciting. All of the places you will go and see. Maybe it's your first time on a train, or perhaps you are a seasoned train traveler.

Whatever your experience level, we at Train Station Hotel Depot would like to wish you a most pleasant journey along the rails.

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