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train station hotel train station hotel train station hotel
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Zurich Train Station Information - Information about Zurich Train Station (ZRH)

Zurich Main Station (Zürich Hauptbahnhof - Zürich HB)

Zurich's central and biggest railway station. it accommodates trains from not only all over Switzerland, but other countries in Europe as well, such as Spain and the neighbouring countries France, Italy, Austria and Germany.

Swiss Federal Railways, Schweizerische Bundesbahnen (SBB) operates the majority of services on Switzerland's rail system. SBB in Zurich is also known as Züri Rollt.

Transporting bikes as luggage

Accompanied bikes are allowed on lots of trains – space permitting, of course. In addition to accompanied bikes, SBB also allows you to transport your bike separately as luggage. All you need is a valid ticket.

If you are interested in renting a bike, a bike rental office can be found (at street level) just behind the travel bureau.

Station Layout

Most trains arrive at street level, One level down you’ll find luggage lockers, while going down again brings you to the shopping level. S-Bahn suburban trains leave from the lowest level to local destinations such as Uetliberg and Adliswil. Trains from these platforms to nearby towns such as Winterthur and Baden are slower than the intercity trains that leave from the main platforms above, but depart more frequently.

The ground floor has 20 tracks (Tracks 3 - 18 and 51 - 54). Tracks 3 - 18 are for trains coming from major areas in Switzerland as well as most, if not all, international trains, such as the EuroCity, Cisalpino, TGV and InterCityExpress. Tracks 51 - 54 are mostly used by regional trains.

One floor below lie two tracks (Tracks 1 and 2), for the exclusive usage of SZU S-Bahn trains, which head west towards Uetliberg and the western part of the canton of Zürich.

Another floor below there are four tracks catering mainly to regional trains in the canton. The S-Bahn trains use the four tracks (Tracks 21 to 24).

Contact center SBB

information and order - 0900 300 300
(CHF 1.19/Min. from landline) daily 24 hours

Online Ticket Shop daily 24 hours
SBB Travel Agency - 051 222 33 61

Ticket office - 0900 300 300
(CHF 1.19/Min. from landline) daily 05.30–23.15

Advice & sale - 0900 300 300
(CHF 1.19/Min. from landline) daily 06.30–21.30

Money exchange - 051 222 33 57
daily 06.30–21.30

Western Union - 0800 007 107
daily 06.30–21.15

Eventtickets - 0900 300 300
(CHF 1.19/Min. from landline) mo–fr sa + su 07.30–20.00 09.30–19.00

train station hotel